Five female Senior Students

A glance back at Trinity College's five female Senior Students – from 1984 to the present.

Lisa Stewart 206x304“She (Lisa Stewart) will be described in the history books not only as our first female Senior Student but as a great Senior Student.”

Andrew Maughan, SS 1984









Susan King 206x304“Perhaps I ran for Senior Student a year too early. With the arrival of the archives room in the Behan Basement, the last bastion of male chauvinism in the College, the chute ritual has been rendered impossible.”

Susie King, SS 1991









Amelia Jones 206x304“The gender of the Senior Student is irrelevant. Every person should be assessed on his or her merits, regardless of gender.”

Amelia Jones, SS 1995









Pip Duffy 206x304“With her flawless organisational skills, considered decision-making and inspiring work ethic, (Pip) Duffy has already carved out her Senior Student role in fantastic fashion.”

Tim Foster, SS 2006









Anna Trail 206x304“I think there are perhaps just a lot more equitable opportunities for men and women at the College and I guess that’s a reflection of the changing times.”

Anna Traill, SS 2013