College life

The women of 1974 were quick to participate in all aspects of College life.

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Participating in College life included the rough and tumble of Juttoddie, where a slight modification of the course was included to ensure that at least ‘one of the fillies’ would finish.

As Stephen Cordner noted in the Fleur-de-Lys, “The entering of women in the Cup for the first time was the main topic of discussion amongst the old-timers at the track.”

Sporting participation was limited in the first year but women were represented in both the swimming and athletics from the start. As the number of women in College increased, so to did the number of sports that Trinity could participate in.

It was in 1979, only five years after the start of co-residency, that Trinity won the Inter-Collegiate Holmes Trophy for the first – and certainly not the last – time.

As the number of women in residence at Trinity grew, the College infrastructure gradually adapted to the changes. In 1977, Margot Foster became the first woman elected to the TCAC and, in 1982; Lisa Stewart became the first female Senior Student.

Even Juttoddie adapted in 1981 when Patricia Juttner presented the inaugural Juttoddie Rose Bowl to Janice Baker who was the first woman home.