Breaking new ground

By the early 1970s, the first tentative steps were taken on the path to allowing women into Trinity as co-residents on equal terms with the gentlemen.

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There were obstacles to overcome – not least the suitability of the College’s buildings to house both sexes.

Finally, the decision needed to be supported by the entire College community.

With the consensus of all parties, on 2 August 1972, the College Council unanimously agreed “this Council sees no objection in principle to the introduction of women residents”.

A little over 12 months later, Romayne Holmes became the first woman offered a residential place at Trinity College.

She was joined in the first intake by Amanda Bednall, Deborah Curtis, Sarah Deasey, Elizabeth Henham, Sigrid Kraemers, Louanne Lyle, Miranda Milne, Barbara Szaday and Deborah Zeidler. Others joined during the year as the ‘feminising’ of the College ‘facilities’ progressed.