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27 Jun 2023

Trinity alum the Revd Dr John Deane awarded the Lambeth Award from the Archbishop of Canterbury

Congratulations to John Deane, who has received the Cross of St Augustine for Services to the Anglican Communion.

Category: Theological

26 Jun 2023

Meet Admissions Coordinator Wendy Ngaturi

Wendy shares a pivotal moment in her life, the best advice she's been given and the many things she wanted to be growing up.

Category: People

26 Jun 2023

Hugo Jordan on why there's no 'best thing' about Trinity

Hugo Jordan graduated from high school in Adelaide in 2020, took a gap year, then looked at his options for uni life. He landed on the University of Melbourne and Trinity College, and discovered that Trinity really does have something for everyone.

22 Jun 2023

Meet Academic Programs Manager Michael Pickering

Dr Michael Pickering tells us his favourite TV shows, the most valuable advice he's received, and what he would go back and tell his 18-year-old self.

Category: People

16 Jun 2023

King's Birthday Honours 2023

Congratulations to the members of the Trinity College community who were recognised with King’s Birthday Honours in 2023.

Category: About

09 Jun 2023

Do you need to do a foundation studies course?

How to know if taking a foundation studies program before you start university is right for you

Category: Foundation Studies

07 Jun 2023
07 Jun 2023

Kate Beggs’s journey from the Great Ocean Road to the heart of Melbourne city

After completing year 12 and an eye-opening gap year amid COVID-19 lockdowns, Kate Beggs decided to move to the city to pursue a career in educational psychology

Category: People

06 Jun 2023

Meet Student Experience Manager Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas left a career in teaching to help set up awesome activities and events for students at Trinity College. She shares what she loves most about the college and Melbourne.

Category: Foundation Studies

05 Jun 2023

‘College is similar to boarding school, but with a fraction of the rules.’

Pip Southey, a Trinity alum and member of our 2022 student committee, talks about her transition from boarding school to college, and how Trinity allowed her to develop her confidence.

02 Jun 2023

Freya Giles shares her experience of choosing and living at Trinity

Freya gives an honest overview of what college life is like, what you can get involved in, and why it's important to find balance

02 Jun 2023

Former Perth student Tessa Moon shares her Melbourne college experience

Tessa Moon faced a common conundrum when deciding what to study post-high school. Should she choose a degree based on her grades, or her interests? Should she narrow herself into a particular field, or allow career flexibility? In the end, Tessa found a path that allowed her to explore different options – partly thanks to a fortuitous accommodation decision.

02 Jun 2023

Pursuing a creative passion: from Trinity to Edinburgh to New York

Ruby Smith has gone from strength to strength since securing a scholarship to join Trinity College as a chorister, and is now on her way to New York City.

Category: People

02 Jun 2023

Isaac Hucker, a proud Badimaya man, describes his journey towards choosing university and college life

University and college weren’t always part of Isaac’s plans, but now he is studying criminology and psychology in the pursuit of a criminal law career… so, what changed his mind?

02 Jun 2023

How Trinity College Foundation Studies has helped Lucie grow her passion for environmental protection

Foundation Studies student Lucie Pham won Trinity's Alison Wehrmann Award in 2023 for her commitment to sustainability and active engagement in her Environment, Development and Design class. She tells us why she's so passionate about the environment.

Category: Foundation Studies

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