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World's Finest the 'Kings Singers' Visit Trinity

On Tuesday 6 March 2018, we welcomed to the Chapel the internationally-renowned vocal ensemble the King’s Singers, who were touring Australia as part of their 50th anniversary world tour.

The King's Singers are long-established as the premiere a cappella ensemble in the world, and it was a great privilege for us to have the chance to work with them.
All three vocal ensembles (the Choir, Candystripes and Tiger Tones) in the College sang, and it was the perfect opportunity for us to show off the diversity of talent and musical styles the college has to offer. The Candy Stripes and Tiger Tones have only just welcomed their new members, but they had been rehearsing hard and sang extremely well.
The King’s Singers worked with them on their stage presence, ensemble, tuning and rehearsal techniques, and the improvement in their singing was very impressive.
The Choir then sang a piece from their repertoire, and worked on their blend, dynamic range and matching vowel sounds.
At the end the King’s Singers answered questions and chatted about their life as musicians, and how they work together, and treated us to a rare private performance of a few of their songs.
As with all the wonderful opportunities the Trinity students have, this couldn’t have been arranged without the generosity of those who give to the various programs at College, and we are immensely grateful for all the support that we receive.

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