Trinity College’s 2018 Indigenous Higher Education Conference ‘building a community of Indigenous higher education practice’.

Call for papers has now closed.
Topics exploring this theme may include, but are not limited to:

  • Methodologies for accumulating knowledge of good practice across the Indigenous higher education sector
  • Approaches towards the continued development and implementation of Indigenous higher education curricula in order to improve educational outcomes
  • Developing recruitment strategies and pathways for Indigenous students into, within and beyond higher education studies
  • Strengthening networks for those working with Indigenous students at secondary schools, universities and residential colleges
  • Strengthening Indigenous higher education initiatives across the university sector including academic disciplines, university based Indigenous support units, university colleges, schools and community-based mentoring programs
  • Facilitating relationships between Indigenous communities and higher education institutions to improve collaboration, the sharing of best-practice research and student transition and retention outcomes.

Abstracts may be for oral presentation at the conference. 
Abstracts will be selected for presentation at the conference based on their content being consistent with the theme of the conference, the quality of the research, or other content, described in the abstract.
Emphasis will be given to abstracts that provide objective evidence of outcomes of programs, describe evidence-based programs, or address best practice.
The selection of presentations which have an Indigenous presenter or co-author will also be prioritized.

Presentations: 20-minute presentations with 10 minutes for questions and discussion.
Abstract: 250 words. Abstracts should include the title of proposal, and author’s name, institutional or community affiliation. Please save as MS Word doc.
Include: Short biographical note of no more than 150 words.