Services for Semester 2, 2018

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Thursday 2 August
Responses: Byrd
Psalm: 13, 14
Canticles: Riley Fauxbourdon
Anthem: White Christe qui lux es et dies 2

Sunday 5 August
Introit: Lloyd Benedicta sit Sancta Trinitas
Responses: Shephard
Psalm: 92
Canticles: Murrill in E
Anthem: Chance Holy Dreaming
Thursday 9 August
Responses: Tomkins
Psalm: 48, 49
Canticles: Tallis Dorian
Anthem: White Christe qui lux es et dies 3
Sunday 12 August
Introit: Howells The Lord is my Shepherd
Responses: Leighton
Psalm: 2
Canticles: Bednall Melbourne Service
Anthem: Lloyd To Christ the Prince of Peace
Thursday 16 August
Responses: Morley
Psalm: 84, 85
Canticles: Andreas Fauxbourdons
Anthem: White Christe qui lux es et dies 4
Sunday 19 August
Introit: Durufle Tota pulchra es
Responses: Leighton Jones
Psalm: 113
Canticles: Dyson in D
Anthem: Mawby Ave verum
Thursday 23 August
Responses: Smith
Psalm: 112, 113
Canticles: Farrant
Anthem: Bairstow I Sat Down Under His Shadow
Sunday 26 August
Barry Marshall Eucharist
Setting: Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli
Motet: Byrd Ave verum
Wednesday 29 August
Responses: Byrd
Psalm: 142
Canticles: Gibbons Short
Anthem: Tye Give Alms of thy Goods
Sunday 2 September
Introit: Anerio Christus factus est
Responses: Radcliffe
Psalm: 31:1-18
Canticles: Noble in B Minor
Anthem: Lotti Crucifixus a 8
Thursday 6 September
Responses: Tomkins
Psalm: 31
Canticles: Leighton Jones Fauxbourdons
Anthem: Batten O Praise the Lord
Sunday 9 September
Accompanied by the MCM Baroque Ensemble
Introit: Purcell Hear My Prayer
Responses: Reading
Psalm: 110
Canticles: Purcell in G Minor
Anthem: Purcell My Beloved Spake
Thursday 13 September
Responses: Morley
Psalm: 68
Canticles: Caustun
Anthem: Byrd Justorum animae
Sunday 16 September
Introit: Byrd Justorum animae
Responses: Lloyd
Psalm: 104
Canticles: Brewer in D
Anthem: Howells I heard a voice from heaven
Thursday 20 September
Responses: Smith
Psalms: 15, 19
Canticles: Plainsong
Anthem: Byrd Praise Our Lord
Thursday 4 October
Responses: Byrd
Psalm: 22:22-31
Canticles: Moore Third Service
Anthem: Howells Salvator mundi
Sunday 7 October
Introit:Walton Set me as a seal
Psalm: 16
Canticles:Campbell in B Minor
Anthem: Howells I will lift up mine eyes 
Thursday 11 October
Conducted by Dr Stephen Darlington
Responses: Rose
Psalms: 60, 61
Canticles: Dyson in F
Anthem: Walton Set me as a seal
Sunday 14 October
Valedictory Service
Introit:Mendelssohn Lift thine eyes
Responses: Rose
Psalm: 1
Canticles: Howells St Paul’s
Anthem: Howells Collegium Regale Te Deum
Thursday 18 October
Lunchtime concert, 1.10pm
Howells Requiem 
Edwards Mass of the Dreaming 
Chance Holy Dreaming 
Sunday 11 November
Service of Commemoration for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day
Howells Requiem
Tavener Song for Athene