Services up to Easter, Semester 1 2019

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Sunday 3 March
Introit: Byrd Justorum animae
Responses: Peter Campbell
Psalm: 1
Canticles: Stanford in C
Anthem: Bruckner Os justi

Thursday 7 March
Responses: Smith
Psalm: 119:1-8
Canticles: Tallis Dorian
Anthem: Walford Davies Blessed are the pure in heart

Sunday 10 March
1st Sunday in Lent
Introit: Tallis If ye love me
Responses: Leighton Jones
Psalm: 91
Canticles: Moore Third
Anthem: Elgar The Spirit of the Lord

Thursday 14 March
Responses: Byrd
Psalm: 119:17-24
Canticles: Byrd Fauxbourdon
Anthem: Byrd Ave verum

Sunday 17 March
2nd Sunday in Lent
Introit: Walford Davies Blessed are the pure in heart
Responses: Leighton
Psalm: 63
Canticles: Walmisley in D minor
Anthem: Purcell Thou knowest Lord

Thursday 21 March
Induction Service for New Deans
NB 5pm start
Responses: Morley
Psalm: 119:41-48
Canticles: Morley Short
Anthem: Farrant Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake

Sunday 24 March
3rd Sunday in Lent
Introit: Farrant Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake
Responses: Peter Campbell
Psalm: 121
Canticles: Harwood in Ab
Anthem: Wesley The Wilderness

Thursday 28 March
Responses: Tomkins
Psalm: 119:81-88
Canticles: Farrant Short
Anthem: Farrant Hide not thou thy face

Sunday 31 March
4th Sunday in Lent
Introit: Farrant Hide not thou thy face
Responses: Smith
Psalm: 27
Canticles: Watson in E
Anthem: Attwood Turn thy face from my sins

Thursday 4 April
Responses: Smith
Psalm: 81 1-11
Canticles: Willcock 2nd
Anthem: Tallis If ye love me

Sunday 7 April
5th Sunday in Lent
(Passion Sunday)
Introit: Gibbons Drop, drop slow tears
Responses: Byrd
Psalm: 105:1-7
Canticles: Noble in B Minor
Anthem: Walton A Litany

Thursday 11 April
Responses: Byrd
Psalm: 102 1-12
Canticles: Leighton Jones Fauxbourdon
Anthem: Purcell Hear my prayer

Sunday 14 April

Palm Sunday Eucharist
Mass Setting: Vaughan Williams Mass in G Minor
Motet: Byrd Ave verum corpus

Wednesday 17 April
Tenebrae, 7:30pm
Walton A Litany
Lloyd Were you there?
Lloyd The Ballad of the Judas Tree
Allegri Miserere