Volume 3

Series GWR003 - Volume 3: Miscellaneous. Pamphlets and other printed material collected by Rusden relating to a range of subjects of interest. This material was arranged by Rusden and then bound into the present volume.


The Little Martyr Church in Mexico and its work
Offices of the Mexican Episcopal Church Aid Fund, London, 1880. 20 pages, printed London 1880.


A sermon, preached at Christ Church, Southport, 30 May 30 1876, on the use of the words as quoted in the ordination service by the Right Reverend Charles Perry, DD, lately Bishop of Melbourne.
12 pages, printed Melbourne 1876.


The Church Assembly, 1881: Abstract of Proceedings and Address of the President The Right Rev James Moorhouse, DD Bishop of Melbourne.
40 pages, published by Church of England Book Depot, Melbourne 1881.


The Southern Skies: A lecture, by Lieut-General Sir JH Lefroy, CB KCMG FRS delivered at Launceston, 26 July, for the benefit of the Young Men's Christian Association; delivered with additions, at Hobart, 17 October 1881, and published for the benefit of the Risdon Female Home of Refuge.

19 pages, printed by J Walch & Sons, Hobart 1881.


Peace with dishonour: a speech delivered in the House of Lords, 31 March 1881 by the Right Hon Earl Cairns, on the arrangements made by Her Majesty's Government with the Boers in the Transvaal.
24 pages, published by National Union of Conservative & Constitutional Associations, London 1881. Publications of the National Union, No. L.


Practical Politics: No IV British Colonial Policy by Sir David Wedderburn, Bart MP.
(Issued by the National Liberal Federation)
56 pages, printed by Macmillan and Co, London 1881. Includes some annotations by Rusden.


Paper on the System of Taxation in force in Fiji: read before the Royal Colonial Institution by the Hon Sir Arthur Gordon, GCMG, 18 March 1879.
54 pages, printed by Harrison and Sons, London 1879.


Are we to stay here? A paper on the New Zealand Public Works Policy of 1870, considered specially with reference to the question of the settlement of the Crown Lands and incidence of taxation. By a Colonist of 22 years' standing.
86 pages, printed Timaru(?) 1881.


Australia Confederated: a lecture delivered in the Town Hall, Adelaide by the Rev James Jefferies LLB with speeches on the occasion of His Excellency Sir WFD Jervois, The Hon W Morgan, The Hon W Giblin, Sir Henry Ayers (South Australian).
38 pages, printed by George Robertson, Sydney 1880.  (Jervois was Governor of South Australia and Morgan, Giblin and Ayers were members of the South Australian Parliament.)


The Permanent Unity of the Empire: by Francis Peter Labeller, Barrister-at-Law. A paper read at a meeting of the Royal Colonial Institute on 19 January 1875.
15 pages, printed by Unwin Brothers, London 1875.


'The Colonial Question in 1870' in The Fortnightly Review no XXXVIII. New Series, 1 February 1870, pages 152–75.
(Complete issue of the serial has been bound into the volume (ie pages 129–256).)


New Zealand. Crown Lands Guide No III, April, 1881
Government Publication 109 pages and 2 charts, printed Wellington 1881.


The Geology of New Zealand in explanation of the geographical and topographical Atlas of New Zealand
by Dr F Von Hochstetter and Dr A Petermann. From the scientific publications of the Novara Expedition. Translated by Dr CF Fischer. Also lectures by Dr F Hochstetter delivered in New Zealand.
113 pages, printed by T Delattre, Auckland 1864.