Volume 2

Series GWR002 - Volume 2: Imperial Federation Correspondence and printed material collected by Rusden relating to Imperial Federation. Rusden was a member of the Imperial Federation League Committee.

2.001 Letter: WE Forster asks me to join the Imperial Federation Committee, 14 Nov 1884 

Imperial Federation. Report of the Conference held 29 July 1884, at the Westminster Palace Hotel, The Right Hon WE Forster MP, in the Chair. Printed by Authority of the Committee, by Cassell & Company, London, 18884, 110 pages.
Title page has a hand written annotation 'Should have been put 7th in this volume'.


Imperial Federation
A paper read at the Birmingham Congress of the Social Science Association, on 19 September 1884.
Printed Office of The Colonies and India (London), 1884, 8 pages.


Imperial Federation League: Report of Adjourned Conference, and the First Meeting of the League held 18 November 1884. Printed by Cassell & Company, London 1884, 35 pages.


Imperial Federation by the Right Hon WE Forster MP Reprinted from the Nineteenth Century, February and March 1885. Printed by Kegan Paul, Trench & Co, London 1885, 23 pages

2.006  Special Report – March 1885: Imperial Federation League, Special Report No. 2

[For the use of Members of the General Committee]. Printed London, 1885, 4 pages.

2.007  Imperial Federation: An article that was published in McMillan's Magazine, April 1885, pages 430–45. 

Article has pencil annotation by Rusden.

2.008 An address on Imperial Federation at Cambridge, 4 June 1885 by Frederick Young. 

23 pages, printed by Edward Stanford, London 1885.


The Federation of the Empire by JE Gorst QC MP.
Article printed in the Journal of the Society of Arts, No. 1,694. Vol XXXIII. Friday 8 May 1885. Pages 689–701. Includes discussion pages 696–701. Comment by Rusden can be found at p699.


Imperial Federation League. Agenda for Executive Meeting 14 July 1886. Rusden notes: 'The first proposal for a Conference of Colonial representatives on the subject of Federation - to be moved on 14th July 1886 in Executive Committee.' Printed Agenda paper with annotations by Rusden. In his handwritten table of contents to the volume Rusden notes: 'I had previously at a meeting at the Exhibition (of 1886) building thrown out the suggestion on 1st July 1886.'


Memorandum of the discussion in Executive Committee 14 July [1886]
Handwritten memorandum by Rusden.


Two printed papers concerning a resolution proposed by the Secretary of the Imperial Federation League in Canada, 17 July 1886.
These papers relate to the meeting held 14 July 1886, refer to items IX and X.
Papers are annotated by Rusden. Annotation at top of first page is dated 1891.


Imperial Federation League. Second Annual Report of the General Committee for the year 1886.
Printed report with a number of annotations by Rusden.


Imperial Federation: Naval and Military by Capt JCR Colomb, formerly RMA. A lecture delivered at the Royal United Services Institution, and reprinted by permission of the Council for Gratuitous Distribution.
26 pages plus 3 charts/plates, printed by Harrison and Sons, London, 1886.


The Imperial Conference of 1887. Reprinted by Permission, from the Leeds Mercury, with a preface. Published by Authority of the Imperial Federation League.
32 pages, printed by Cassell & Company Limited, London 1887.


Imperial Federation by William Gisborne, formerly Member of the House of Representatives and a Responsible Minister in New Zealand, and author of New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen.
14 pages, printed by PS King & Son, London 1887.


The United States of Britain: An address on England and her colonies. Being the substance of a lecture delivered at Haslemere on the 19 May 1886, and at the theatre of the Royal Aquarium, Westminster, on the 18 June 1886, with additions and revision, by James Stanley Little.
32 pages, printed by Billing and Sons, Guildford, 1887.


Our Colonial Expansion: Extracts from the Expansion of England, by JR Seeley MA.
96 pages, published by Macmillan and Co, London and printed by CJ Clay, MA and Sons, London 1887.


Speeches delivered at the Public Meeting held under the auspices of the Toronto Branch of the Imperial Federation League on Saturday 24 March 1888
From Empire, Monday 26 March 1888. 16 pages, printed by Ellis, Moore & Bangs, Toronto 1888.


Letter: Burdett-Coutts, regarding Gladstone's or Kimberley's Australian Customs Act [6 May 1887]
Includes a short note by Rusden on Burdett-Coutts letter.


Imperial Federation. Efforts to force the subject into attention. Resort to Sir C Tupper (his letter 31st May/his speech 22 June) 1889.
Three items:
(i) Hand written memorandum by Rusden titled Imperial Federation, dated 27 May 1891
(ii) Hand written letter from Tupper's Secretary to Rusden acknowledging receipt of Rusden's letter of 30 May 1889
(iii) Printed copy of Speech of Sir Charles Tupper, Bart, GCMG, CB, High Commissioner for Canada, at the Annual Dinner of the Imperial Federation League, on 22 June 1889.

2.022 Letter: Typescript letter from AH Loring, Secretary, Imperial Federation League, dated 28 June 1889.
2.023   Printed notice of meeting of the Council of the Imperial Federation League 

Odds and Ends - the British Empire: A few thoughts on Imperial Federation. Delivered in the Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne, October 12 1888, by J Warrington Rogers MA Oxon & Melb.
31 pages, printed by Stillwell and Co, Melbourne 1888.


A vision of Empire: A lecture on Imperial Federation. Delivered at the Town Hall, Kensington, before the Kensington Branch of the Imperial Federation League on 17 May 1888, by James Stanley Little.
24 pages, printed by Billing & Sons, Guildford, 1888. A letter from Sir Frederick Young, of the Royal Colonial Society, dated 17 February 1890, is glued behind the title page.


Correspondence concerning Imperial Federation
(i) Typescript letter, 11 August 1891, AH Loring, Secretary, Imperial Federation League inviting Rusden to assist the deliberations of a Special Committee to consider 'definite proposals by which the object of Imperial Federation may be realised'.
(ii) Draft (?) letter dated 17 August 1891, Rusden to Loring replying to letter of 11 August 1891.
(iii) Typescript letter, 28 August 1891, AH Loring, Secretary, Imperial Federation League, thanking Rusden for his reply and noting his comments regarding 'definite proposals'. Includes Rusden's annotations. A newspaper cutting is glued to the reverse of the letter, Mr. Chamberlain and Imperial Federation. Annotation gives source as 'Times, 30 March 1896'.
(iv) Letter, 10 February 1897, Alfred Deakin, regarding reports of Deakin's speeches.
(v) Copy of letter dated 11 February. Rusden to Alfred Deakin acknowledging letter of 10 February.
(vi) Letter 13 February 1897, Alfred Deakin.
NB the last two letters are loose and are not bound into the Volume.


Britannic Confederation by Sir John Colomb KCMG MP. Reprinted from The Scottish Geographical Magazine, for May 1891.
15 pages, printed 1891.


Imperial Federation. Titles of Publications relating to The British Colonies, their Government, etc, in connection with Imperial Policy.
Compiled and presented to the Imperial Federation League by James R Boose. 24 pages, published by the Offices of the League, London and printed by Cassell & Company Limited, London 1889.


The latest phase of Imperial Federation by MH Hervey, of Illawarra College, New South Wales.
Reprint from The Asiatic Quarterly Review, January 1891, 34 pages.


Uniform Imperial Postage: An enquiry and a proposal, with an Introductory Letter to Sir Daniel Cooper, Bart, GCMG by Robert J Beadon MA (Oxon), Member of the Executive Committee of the Imperial Federation League.
56 pages, published by the Imperial Federation League, London, and printed by Cassell & Company Limited, London 1891(?).


Newspaper cuttings: Parliament and the Colonies, The Times, 2 June 1876 and The Colonies, The Times, 3 July 1894.
The 1876 article includes an annotation by Rusden.