Volume 1

Series GWR001 – Volume 1: Pamphlets, Imperial Union

Inventory Listing

Date range 1839–80
1.001 Curiosities of Colonization
by GW Rusden
104 pages, printed by W Clowes and Sons, London 1874.
1.002 The National Importance of Emigration considered in a letter addressed to The Right Honourable Lord Lyttelton, President of The National Colonial Emigration Society 16 pages, printed by WS Johnson & Co, London 1863. Includes two pages of statistics.
1.003 Our River: A Practical Suggestion to British Patriotsby A Colonial BritonPamphlet of 90 pages, printed by Sands & McDougall, Melbourne 1871.
1.004 The Colonies and Imperial Unity or The 'Barrel without the Hoops'
Inaugural Address, delivered at the Conference on Colonial Questions, held at Westminster Palace Hotel, in London, 19–21 July, 1871, by Edward Jenkins.
32 pages, printed Strahan & Co., London 1871.
1.005 On the Colonies: a paper read before the Statistical Society, 19th March 1872, by Archibald Hamilton Esq.
From the Journal of the Statistical Society of London, March 1872, pp 107–127, printed by Harrison and Sons, London.
1.006 The British Empire and the Colonies: a speech by the Hon John O'Shanassy in the Legislative Council of Victoria, September 10 1872.
Reprint from the Parliamentary Debates, 22 pages. Printed by Stillwell and Knight, Melbourne.
1.007 What are the best means of drawing together the interests of the United Kingdom and the colonies, and of strengthening the bonds of union?
A paper read at the Social Science Congress, Glasgow, Tuesday October 6 1874, by CW Eddy.
Published by the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. Printed by Spottiswood and Co, London, 1874, 23 pages. Includes some handwritten corrections p5.
1.008 The Permanent Unity of the Empire by Francis Peter Labilliere, Barrister-at-Law. A Paper read at a meeting of the Royal Colonial Institute on the 19 January 1875.
Printed by Unwin Brothers, London, 1875, 15 pages.
1.009 Right of Belligerents to Capture Private Property at Sea by Francis P Labilliere, Barrister-at-Law. A paper read at the Social Science Congress, Brighton, October 1875.
Printed by Spottiswood and Co, London, 1876, 9 pages. Title page has a hand written annotation 'With the author's kind regards'.
1.010 Speech of Lord Dufferin (Governor-General of Canada) with the comments of the English Press.
Reprinted by The Royal Colonial Institute.
23 pages, printed by Ranken and Co, London 1874.
1.011 Our Colonial Empire: an address delivered before the Philosophical Institution of Edinburgh, on Friday November 5 1875, by The Right Hon WE Forster MP.
31 pages, printed by Edmonston and Douglas, Edinburgh 1875, revised by the author. Includes newspaper cutting glued inside title page annotated 'Lord Derby', source is not identified.
1.012 Speech of the relation between England and her colonies and their duties in reference to Defence
by His Excellency FA Weld Esq CMG, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Tasmania. Delivered at the Town Hall, Launceston, Tasmania, on the occasion of the presentation of a Rifle Prize to Sergeant-Major Martini.
12 pages, printed by Thos C Just, Launceston, nd. Title page has a hand written annotation 'GW Rusden Esq with the Governor of Tasmania's compliments'.
1.013 Views of Colonisation by William Forster, Formerly of New South Wales
Article in the 'Journal of the Society of Arts', February 27 1880, pages 269–78. The article is followed by 'Discussion', pages 278–90.
'Journal of the Society of Arts', No 1,423. Vol XXVIII, Friday February 27 1880.
1.014 Corrected report of the Speeches of the Honourable Edward Deas Thomson Esq, Colonial Secretary of New South Wales
Delivered in the (NSW) Legislative Council, on the First and Second Reading of the Bill for the Division of the Colony into Electoral Districts, in the First Session of 1851.
47 pages, published by W and F Ford, Sydney 1851 and printed by Kemp and Fairfax, Sydney. Includes the proposed Electoral Districts and five statistical charts.
1.015 Thoughts on the Constitution of a Second Legislative Chamber for New South Wales; in a letter to the Attorney General by Sir Alfred Stephen Kt Chief Justice of that Colony.
27 pages, printed by FM Stokes, Sydney 1853. Title page has a hand written annotation 'The Rt Hon The Earl Grey Respectfully presented by the writer (in ink), this is followed by a pencil annotation 'not sent & given to me by Sir A Stephen afterwards'.
1.016 Electoral Bill. Speech of Sir Alfred Stephen Knt In the Legislative Council of New South Wales on the Second Reading of the Bill to amend the Electoral Law
38 pages, printed by Stokes & Co, Sydney 1858.
1.017 Parliamentary Government; or Responsible Ministries for the Australian Colonies by HS Chapman.
39 pages, printed and published by Pratt and Son, Hobart Town, Tasmania 1854.
1.018 Democratic Government in Victoria Reprinted from the 'Westminster Review' for April 1868.
40 pages, published by George Robertson, Melbourne and printed by Walker, May & Co, Melbourne 1868.
1.019 Does the discovery of Gold in Victoria, viewed in relation to its moral and social effects as hitherto developed, deserve to be considered a national blessing, or a national curse? by Colonus.
39 pages, printed by Benjamin Lucas, Melbourne 1852.
1.020 Historical Account of the Separation of Victoria from New South Wales by John Dunmore Lang DD. Page 3 notes, 'To the Honourable Members of both Houses of Parliament of Victoria, the following pages are respectfully inscribed; by the Author'.
34 pages, published by John L Sheriff, Sydney 1870.