Young Leaders July Program

The 2016 Young Leaders July Program offers a selection of exciting programs over three weeks for Australian and international secondary school students.


Essential information

Who: Australian and international high school students aged 14–17 (students who are 18 and 19 years old will be considered on merit, however must abide by the conditions of enrolment and not take the place of 14-17 year olds)

What: Tuition includes the academic program, mentoring, accommodation, meals, field trips, extracurricular activities, return airport transfers and other activities arranged by the College (excludes flights, visas and travel insurance)

Where: Trinity College, The University of Melbourne

Applications close: Monday 23 May 2016 

Cost: $1800 per student per week, 5% discount for students who join all 3 weeks

Week One: Sunday 26 June - Sunday 3 July
Sport Development & Management
English Intensive: Drama and Communication

Week Two: Sunday 3 July - Sunday 10 July
Fine Arts
Biomedicine (full with a waiting list)
Leadership for Social Justice
The Law & Justice 

Week Three: Sunday 10 July - Sunday 17 July
Personal Development - Future Leaders 
Environment & Sustainability Coastal Discovery Program

Download the Young Leaders 2016 Program brochure for more information

Contact the Young Leaders Office

Ms Chris Fyfe - Manager, Short Term Programs
T: +61 3 9348 7486
F: +61 3 9348 7610

Academic streams

All academic streams are closely aligned with the University of Melbourne's New Generation Undergraduate degrees to give you an idea of where your future studies might take you and your endless career possibilities. Attend your classes on the University of Melbourne's campus, study with University lecturers and prepare yourself for tertiary study. All streams feature highly interactive teaching, excursions and group work. Participate in team skilling, public speaking and confidence building workshops while developing your critical and creative thinking, communication, and goal setting skills.

Week 1 Programs

The Arts Stream - Psychology and Media & Communications

If you're interested in studying a Bachelor of Arts, this stream gives insight into Art majors, such as psychology, media and communications. You will investigate the psychology behind how we persuade others for our own benefit and how such techniques can influence our interactions and the decisions we make. You also have the chance to dissect media industries and their impact on politics, society and culture. This stream visits the Melbourne Magistrates Courts and participates in a number of interactive workshops and experiments. 

Arts - draft timetable

The Commerce Stream (full with a waiting list)

Explore the fields of accounting, business, economics, finance, management and marketing. Be introduced to the Australian legal system, civil and contract disputes, the Australian accounting and economics systems, the use of GST, and the developing area of Green Economics. The course gives you an insight into life in the world of business as you participate in interactive workshops and excursions. 

Commerce - draft timetable

The Sport Development & Management Stream

For students who are interested in the various disciplines that the sports industry has to offer, this stream is the perfect introduction. Students will participate in interactive workshops as well as visit the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and the National Sports Museum to understand the history and marketing that goes into creating large-scale events. Learning from industry professionals in the areas of exercise science, social change and community development will help students discover first-hand the many opportunities that this innovative field has to offer.

Sport Development & Management - draft timetable

The English Intensive: Drama and Communication Stream

Move beyond understanding English and learn to manipulate the language for more effective communication. This intensive language program looks at the 'performance' of English. Take part in a series of lively, stimulating and enjoyable drama based activities, oral presentation workshops, and pronunciation sessions that will enhance and improve ways you communicate in English as a second language. The program is designed to empower you to creatively and confidently converse and communicate in English, both in your academic and everyday futures. (Participants are advised to have middle or upper level language abilities)

English Intensive: Drama and Communication - draft timetable

Week 2 Programs 

The Fine Arts Stream 

Interested in a Bachelor of Fine Arts? This is the stream for you! Discover a diverse range of art forms, some traditional, some unique to contemporary Melbourne, including performance art, visual art, movement and music, writing and public speaking. The principle theme of finding your voice helps you build confidence, develop personal identity and enhance your leadership. Gain an understanding of the benefits of private creativity as well as public expression, and analyse the role of art in our society. 

Fine Arts - draft timetable

The Biomedicine Stream (full with a waiting list)

Explore the world of medicine and medical research including genetics, human physiology, human structure and function – discover what the Bachelor of Biomedicine is all about. You will investigate the issues pertinent to our world today and look at the rapidly changing areas of forensics and bioethics. Visit the genetics laboratories at the University of Melbourne, help solve a murder mystery, and perform dissections of an eye, kidney and liver. 

Biomedicine - draft timetable

The Leadership for Social Justice Stream

This program develops leadership skills associated with grassroots movements for social justice, such as equality, democracy and transformation in young people. The week tackles key issues in today's society including sustainability, global poverty and human rights. With world-class leaders in social justice, hands on excursions, workshops and discussion groups, you will see how you as just one person can make a difference. Take an excursion to Parliament House and participate in a role-play debate to experience life as a political leader. This stream is a great foundation if you're thinking about stepping in to a leadership role at your school. 

Leadership for Social Justice - draft timetable

The Law and Justice Stream

For students interested in a career in law, this is the perfect introduction. Find out how the law affects our daily lives and how we interact with it. Covering the areas of corporate, civil and criminal law; through disput resolution and negotiation, juvenile justice and advocacy. Students will experience first-hand, case studies, meet professionals in the field, and take part in their very own practice moot court where they argue imaginary cases.

The Law and Justice - draft timetable 

Week 3 Programs

Personal Development - Future Leaders

Leadership development is a keystone of the Young Leaders Programs. This fascinating new stream is for students who want to build leadership skills, currently hold, or are thinking of taking up various leadership positions in their school, sports team or club, drama or debating groups and any other type of extra curricular activity where leadership is essential. Students will take a challenging and rewarding journey through the week, which focuses on understanding and developing personal values, situational leadership and boundaries, effective communication and discover ways to cope with stress and pressure in and out of school. Students will learn tips, tools and tricks to speak confidently in public and be able to set and create structured, manageable and achievable goals. At the end of the week, students will have acquired necessary skills to put practice into action and have meaningful, significant impact in their local community.

Personal Development - Future Leaders - draft timetable

The Environment & Sustainability Coastal Discovery Program

For students who would like to learn about sustainability whilst exploring the beauty of the Victorian coastline, this program is a great introduction. Students will travel to the majestic Great Ocean Road visiting Port Campbell National Park and the Grampians along the way. The concept of sustainable living is at the core of this program, which will allow students to experience how we can minimise our impact through changing behavioural patterns to positively influence the natural environment. 

Coastal Discovery Program - draft timetable

Here is a taste of what our Young Leaders July Program is all about!


Leadership Program

The need to develop our leadership skills is not solely for those who are – or aim to be – leaders: they are essential to functioning in an increasingly complex and competitive world. Throughout the program, you will participate in activities to develop and prepare you for leadership in the future and in society. Some examples of leadership activities which feature in the different streams include rock climbing and circus skill training which give you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and build your self-confidence.

Extracurricular Activities

All Young Leaders programs at Trinity feature a range of excursions and activities to encourage student interaction, experience learning in different environments, explore the sights and attractions of Melbourne, and provide opportunities for students to test themselves in new situations.

Some examples of the extracurricular activities you will enjoy:

  • Melbourne City Exploration
  • Rock climbing
  • Karaoke
  • Cultural Night
  • Community Leadership
  • Public Speaking workshops
  • Hip Hop and ZUMBA dance classes
  • Circus skills training
  • Amazing Race

Download the Young Leaders 2016 Program brochure