Strategic Plan | Trinity College - The University of Melbourne

Strategic Plan

Trinity's Board has developed a new strategy to build on our traditions, harness our values, and ensure that the College's offering is uniquely Trinity and truly world-class.

Trinity has a distinguished history of helping prepare exceptional young people to become outstanding community members. The education market is global, and we are in competition with the world's best. To manifest our values of excellence, community and diversity, building on what Trinity has always done well, we will offer a unique educational experience: access to College; experience while at College; and opportunity when leaving College. 

This three-part focus on the student journey will allow Trinity to offer a truly unique educational experience. It will help us – and our students – to stand proudly alongside the finest educational institutions in the world, and to complement the outstanding offerings of our university partners.

The Trinity Journey


Trinity will offer broader access to its programs for a more diverse range of students, through a strong scholarship program ensuring that admissions are based not primarily on economic resources but on academic potential and capacity to contribute to the College. Through our programs, including Foundation Studies and a developing set of pathways programs, we will offer greater access to our university partners and the opportunities that arise from them.


Trinity will ensure that its programs, facilities and community life offer academic and other experiences which are transformational, by being distinctive in character but comparable to the best in the world. Through a Centre for Advanced Studies we will draw world-leading thinkers to the College to advance knowledge and to share with our students questions and insights that represent the leading edge of knowledge.


Trinity will offer all its students opportunities beyond the campus, during their time at College and after. Using a strong alumni network and a set of graduate fellowships we will send students around the country and the world to pursue extraordinary opportunities in higher learning, research, work experience and service. 

Trinity in 2022

What will success mean for the College?

An international reputation for our unique, three-part educational offering: the student journey focuses on access, experience and opportunity.

A measurable enriched student experience: students and prospective students rate their Trinity experience as transformational.

A true community of communities: each part of the College has its own identity and concrete, mutually beneficial relations with all the other parts.

An appropriate set of facilities: infrastructure adequately meets functional needs and reflects our reputation for excellence.

An enthusiastic support base: alumni and friends have shared in and supported the strategic journey.