From The Warden | Trinity College

From the Provost of Trinity College

Trinity College is a lively and diverse educational community, characterised by a commitment to excellence.

Campbell Bairstow 206x140 Founded in 1872 as the University of Melbourne’s first College, Trinity has always sought to provide an environment that offers personal and pastoral support, experiences of diversity, and challenge students to achieve at the highest levels in all fields of endeavour. As well as offering tutorials, mentoring, and opportunities for cultural expression, religious exploration and sporting achievement to resident and non-resident students of the University, Trinity also includes two other major educational programs. The Theological School, founded in 1877, provides a ‘large and liberal’ experience of ministerial and theological education in the Anglican tradition. Since 1989, Trinity College Foundation Studies has been a successful pathway to University studies for high-achieving international students.

Trinity College seeks to provide an environment where education in ‘breadth and depth’ can be pursued not only in the classroom but while engaging in the varied activities that are part of community life. In all these, Trinity maintains a strong commitment to being a community that joins members of many different backgrounds, pursuing individual excellence but also responsibility to one another, and to the wider community – local, national and global.

Trinity seeks to make participation in the University–Collegiate life in particular available to students from diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous Australians and international students. In this we rely on the generous support of our alumni and friends for whom the Trinity experience has been transformative, and who wish to make it available to others regardless of their particular background and resources. Trinity is an old institution with fresh ideas, and a diverse community with strong ideals. I invite you to join us.

Campbell Bairstow
Provost of Trinity College