Australian Human Rights Commission Survey

Australian Human Rights Commission Survey and Change the Course National Report


The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released its Change the Course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017).

Trinity College welcomes the recommendations of this report and believes reviews of this kind are important to the health of our universities. From here, it will be important for us to carefully consider the results and recommendations to determine the best approach for our students, as their wellbeing and safety is our priority. 

At Trinity College, we work hard to ensure that all students and staff live, work and study in a safe and secure environment. Any behaviour that victimises or excludes any individual or group is unacceptable. 

Robust and consistent policies and procedures are in place to prevent, report, escalate and investigate allegations of misconduct.

We expect excellence from our students and work with them to value and respect each other with a range of programs in place encouraging them to make a thoughtful impact in their everyday lives in the broader community.

We always encourage any member of the Trinity College community, past or present, to raise their concerns through our clear referral pathways. Please contact or phone the Warden’s Office on (03) 9348 7106. All matters will be sensitively and confidentially addressed with pastoral support available to those involved.

Students can also call a new National University Support Line, available 24 hours a day. Phone 1800 572 224.

Professor Ken Hinchcliff