New Students and Parents Welcomed at Trinity College Orientation

New Students and Parents Welcomed at Trinity College Orientation

New Students and Parents Welcomed at Trinity College Orientation

In February, Trinity College welcomed 115 new residential students and their parents to campus. The students come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations: overseas (´╗┐countries such as China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa)´╗┐, interstate, regional Victoria and from suburbs throughout Melbourne.

We spoke with four of these students and one of their parents to give you a taste of the diverse interests of our students at Trinity College.

Hadi Rezwani- Science Student

Hadi Rezwani, originally from Afghanistan, has been living in Australia for the past seven years and joins Trinity in his third year of a science degree at the University of Melbourne.

Hadi is relishing his time at Trinity and engaging with a range of ‘diverse, friendly and kind people’. He helps give back to the College in any way he can ‘whether it be volunteering, tutoring or in any other capacity’.

The John Gibson Newcomers Scholarship has enabled Hadi to focus on his studies and furthering his education in a way that was not possible before joining the College.

‘It will be a turning point for me to achieve higher marks and also focus on my studies and not worry about moving out and also my food is always ready, I just eat and go to lectures and classes,’ says Hadi.

After finishing his science degree, Hadi plans to pursue a degree in either medicine or physiotherapy. 

Hadi Rezwani 2


Jen Harrison- Arts Student

Jen Harrison’s family have a long and distinguished association with the College. Both her parents, Emma and Michael Harrison, are long-time supporters of the College and her grandparents, Louise and John Gourlay (TC 1954), were instrumental in establishing Trinity College’s Gourlay Visiting Professor of Business Ethics.

She chose Trinity because she felt it was an environment that encourages its students to make friends and gain new experiences as well as being a place where people support one another.

‘My initial impression of the College was that it was very big and filled with very many people, but having been here for a couple of weeks I have realised that it is more like a tight-knit family and that there is always something going on which makes you excited for every day,’ says Jen.


Louise Gourlay

Charlie Lynch- Commerce Student

Charlie, first heard about the College from her older sister Katie Lynch, who is also a current residential student. Already Charlie feels at home in the College and loves the open and sociable environment.

‘Trinity has such an encouraging community in which individual differences are celebrated and everyone is uplifted and supported by their peers. I’ve quickly felt at home here at Trinity,’ says Charlie.

Charlie is already getting involved in the life of the College and is interested in taking on the role of buddy for the new students next year.

Charlotte Lynch


Sam Miller- Theology Student

After considering a number of theological colleges online, Sam Miller decided to join the theological school after discovering there was also a possibility to stay in the Residential College. The Joan Adams Scholarship has made this a reality.

Originally from New South Wales, Sam is settling into College life and is ‘looking forward to getting involved with a few of the different sports and other inter-college activities, as well as taking part in the life of the Chapel and the Theological School.’

The Revd Sally Miller- Parent

The Revd Sally Miller, Sam’s mother, admits that the family have felt a ‘Sam shaped hole’ in their lives since he moved to Trinity. However, after the Chapel service and Admission Ceremony they knew Sam was ‘in the right place’ and have faith in Trinity as ‘a safe and thoughtful place’.

‘Even simply having the clarity of message from the Dean - ok parents, it's time to go - you know, that makes it so much easier to actually go! If I am really overwhelming feeling is one of envy (well second to pride in our lad)! I wish it was me!’  

Sally Miller


We welcome Hadi, Jen, Charlie, Sam, Sally and all our new students and parents to Trinity.

Date: 31 Mar 2017