Christy Capper is in the second year of her Theological studies

Christy Capper's Journey

Christy Capper's Journey

Christy Capper is in the second year of her Theological studies and at the beginning of the year, joined Trinity as a resident student. With a lengthy academic record and vast experience in community involvement it is remarkable someone 28 years old has accomplished so much.

Growing up in Sydney and completing a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University, Christy moved to Victoria, graduating from Tabor College with a Graduate Diploma in Theology and a Master of Arts in Vocational and Church practice. 

Pursuing further study, Christy joined the Theological School in 2012 to undertake a concurrent Diploma in Theology and Masters of Theological Studies. 

Later this year Christy is planning to study a PhD, researching religion in Australian culture and the idea of sin as inauthenticity. 

‘The Lecturers at Trinity are very highly qualified, well-published and know their subject matters extremely well,’ Christy said. 

‘The group I’m studying with is great; I’m learning new things from my peers as we’re all from such varied academic backgrounds and hold different perspectives on what we study.’

Christy became drawn to theology when she was involved as an undergraduate student in the university ministry in Sydney. She has since worked at St Matthew’s Church, Endeavour Hills where she was responsible for overseeing ministry to youths and young adults. 

Christy has been made a candidate for ordination and intends to become a priest once she has completed her research. 

She describes spirituality as a dimension of life which is often taken for granted. ‘People tend to focus so intensely on academics and look after their bodies by going to the gym for example, but often people don’t make time for the component that is spirituality,’ she said.

‘I’m passionate about helping people learn about themselves, spirituality and what they’re doing with their lives.’ 

Being new to the Residential College Christy feels that as a theology student she benefits immensely from College facilities. ‘I’d love to stay for a few years – Trinity is a wonderful study environment, with such resourceful libraries,’ Christy commented. 

‘I’ve also got so much out of the activities and chats that take place around the College on a daily basis. Often you’ll have interesting discussions where there will be doctors, lawyers and theologians all giving their perspectives.’

Date: 23 May 2013