Callum Forbes


Callum Forbes,
TC 2009

Forbes 206x304

If you’re motivated and want to really do something after you’ve finished university, Trinity would be the place to help you do it.

The support from Trinity is amazing. Whether it’s fine-tuning a CV, learning about mental illness or receiving leadership training, there is a team of people eager to help. 

Weekly ‘Oak Program’ chats provide an opportunity to sit down over wine & cheese and talk with alumni of the College about how they got from sitting in the same room a few decades prior, to being successful politicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, actors and writers. These chats give you motivation to work and can help in determining if a particular career choice would work for you. 

Trinity is difficult to explain. I could never have expected to have got so much out of staying at Trinity, prior to experiencing it myself. Before moving in to Trinity, I had discussed with my family the idea that I’d just go to college for one year and move out afterwards. After just the first couple of weeks, I went home and told them one year just isn’t enough!